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Gemma 11 
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Major 10 months 

Nicholas and the amazing CATONE family saved my kids! 

10 months ago our son major was born, I was told numerous times to make sure that Gemma our then 10 year old got her flu vaccine because major was so little and it was flu season finally I gave in and she went and had her flu shot. Within 48 hours Gemma had 104 fever for 10 DAYS STRAIGHT with a trip to the ER and nothing coming up in her blood or urine test I know it was the flu shot that made her so very sick. ER doctors said know it's a " viral infection " let it run its course. NO WAY! NEVER QUESTION A MOTHERS INTUITION. she will never receive another vaccine or flu shot and neither will our 2 younger children. Major received vaccines up until he was 6 months old and every time even when the dr said he will be fine no side effects to worry about her developed a fever and was not himself for at least a week or more after those shots. Learning about Nicholas and the Catone family has saved my 3 children. I can't thank you enough and I will continue to help spread your truth as much as I possibly can. 

Thank you Nick Catone & Marjorie Madison-Catone Madison-Catone you are unbelievable human beings. 

I’m so sorry to read about your son Nicholas. Most of your posts bring me to tears. I feel for you and your family. Our daughter against our better judgement had the DTap shot and within 12 hours was doing this odd squeezing her whole body behavior that she had NEVER done before. The doctors, nurses and neurologist that we took her too for an eeg all assured us it wasn’t the vaccine. So we have her two more in the subsequent months. She has major speech delays and some other odd behaviors but somehow made it through long enough for me to realize what was actually going on. She hasn’t been vaccinated since and neither has her brother but we don’t share those stories too often. You are so brave to share what is considered an unpopular opinion and I’m thankful for you sharing. You have likely already heard of him but in y research I came across Forrest Maready (on Fb) he shares lots of great videos containing scientific facts but said in a way that is easy to understand. I have no connection with him but it may be an easy way for you to share a video or two of his to help educate the huge following you have. I can relate to what you said when you said this happened to the wrong family - really impressed how you are putting that angry determination in to helping to educate others. So impressed and inspired. Thank you!

Laura - Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania

I read your posts about your son and I cry every single time. My heart truly hurts for you and your wife. I don't know the pain of losing a child but I do know the pain of watching my son lose the life he could've had because of vaccines. At 18 months he received his vaccines and immediately began regressing, losing everything he had learned to do... Talk, point, play respond to his name, look people in the eye...everything....he regressed right into Autism then later Epilepsy. I've been speaking out for 16 years about what has happened to him and countless others. I cry everyday looking at him, blaming myself even though I had no idea how bad vaccines are. I stand beside you fighting for my son, Nicholas and all the other innocent souls who's lives were taken or ruined. 

Dena - St. Clair Shores, Michigan

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First, I can not begin to express how sorry so many people are for your family. But you are, in fact, changing the world. I have 2 boys, 4 and 22 months. I had them both on delayed vaccine schedules and I felt comfortable with it. I was confident that what I was doing was right. Our youngest was born with a heart condition, and I knew when our pediatrician was nervous to vaccinate him that something was weird. Why would she be afraid if they're safe? Our last dr visit was in June. Both of the kids got shots, sawyer got the DTAP. I have had so many people talk to me about the danger of vaccines, but your family and Nicholas has changed the way we will do things from now on. No more vaccines for my kids. I can not imagine the pain you are experiencing, but please know, your story is saving lives. Thank you for sharing the real and raw.

One Starfish at a time! #flyhighnicholas✈️💙

This is my three month old he will never have another vaccine after reading about your beautiful little boy!!! You are saved babies left and right! We are first time parents and we thought we were doing the right thing by vaccinating we went in for his two month shots he had already had a little cough and redness around the eyes the doctor who wasn't our normal doctor said he had a small virus and he was fine and gave him shots anyway!!! My husband and I got to the car and I looked at him and said I think we just made the worst decision ever. He said he felt the same We had such a bad gut feel it made us sick!!! Then I started to research and your beautiful boys heartbreaking story made my whole world stopped thank you thank you so much for sharing your heartbreak and hurt thank for saving my baby!!!! I would have never known I would have kept going against my gut feeling and continued to vaccinate my little boy. My heart breaks for you and your beautiful family and your sweet beautiful boy. I can't begin to imagine the pain your going through.

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I am a mom of 5. Each of my kids are vaccinated less and less just because I was uneasy about it and my gut told me that the “normal” reactions weren’t ok. Thanks to your story we have done lots more research and our 5th has no vaccines at all and none of our kids will ever get anymore. Ever again!! Praying for your family everyday. Nicholas is saving so many kids!!!


Just wanted to say im so sorry for your families loss. Thank you for your voice in getting people to wake up. My daughter had a seizure after her 12 month vaccines, had a horrible digestive reaction after her 24 month vaccines. I wish i would have realized what was going on, drs of course just said this was all normal. The day after her 4 year vaccines she woke up with uncontrollable body movement in her hands, arns, legs and feet. Drs ref me to a neurologist who said its uncommon at her age but its a tic. We got a 2nd opinion who just said they didnt know all the while im telling them its the vaccines, boy do they get defensive when you say that. She has been chronically ill since then so she was tested for autoimmune disease and her results are that she is IGA deficient. I know this is all from those vaccines, even knowing she is immuno compromised her pediatrician is still pushing me to give her a flu shot and has recommended the hpv vaccine and she is only 7! Needless to say i will never vaccinate my child again, sadly the damage is already done. God bless, praying hard for everyone to wake up.

Amanda - Acworth, Georgia 

Nick, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine your pain! My heart hurts for you and your family. I just want to say thank you for speaking out about vaccines. My middle son was hospitalized for 5 days after his 2-month shots. I realize that I could’ve lost him too and can’t even bear the thought of that! Your baby boy was so precious! You now have a sweet angel in heaven watching over you. God bless you and your family! ❤

Mayra - Barcelona, Spain

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I have a girl & a boy ages 6 & 4 .. they are up to date on vaccines.. ive came across other articles over the past few months but thought why would anyone give needles if they weren’t safe, afterall they are only trying to protect our children.. so i continued on with my days thinking nothing of vaccines .. until i came across your story.. completely changed my whole mindset! .. i clearly understand now.. & am thankful for coming across your page.. my unborn baby, will not be getting injected with poison .. thank you for sharing!


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Nick & Marjorie,
I don’t have the words to express my sympathy to the three of you. I follow you daily and want to let you know how Nicholas has changed our lives. I have four children and two of them would always fall ill after their vaccines. The pediatrician would always tell me it was a coincidence. I began to feel crazy. Last year after receiving my flu shot it came to the point were I couldn’t get out of bed. I found a doctor that listened. I had heavy metal poisoning. After you mentioned the MTHFR gene I remembered that kept coming up in my own research. So I had everyone tested. The two girls and I all have it. The Catone Family has given us the power to stand up for our family and say no to vaccines. I copied your letter for religious exemption and printed out the link you posted and gave it to my daughters preschool. You are saving lives and making a HUGE difference in so many. Keep fighting for Nicholas and let me know if I can help in any way. So much love to you all 💙✈️ 

Maegan & Nick - Flemington New Jersey

One Starfish at a time! #flyhighnicholas✈️

I'm so horribly sorry for your loss , but thank you thank you a million times . My husband loves UFC and showing him the effects of vaccinations and showing him it can happen to anyone through your social media has helped me convince him never to subject our baby girl to it. The awareness you're spreading will save many I know it and I pray it helps temporarily heal your pain until you can see your little boy again .

Mia - Los Angelas, California

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I don't know if you actually read these messages, or if you're just so overwhelmed with all of your messages you just won't see it. But I just wanted to tell you that your story really changed our family. I had heard these stories for ages now, and I questioned whether or not I would vaccinate since I became pregnant. Ultimately the peer pressure of the "norm" of vaccinating got the best of me and we did vaccinate our daughter at birth through 6 months. Since, we have heard your story and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. We will no longer vaccinate our sweet girl. I cannot play Russian roulette with her life anymore. I am so sick of wondering "what if" after every vaccine. This stuff is poison. This is my sweet girl, Rowan Grace now 9 months old and no longer vaccinated. I just wanted to thank you for helping us finalize our decision. I wish it were under better circumstances. Your baby boy did not deserve this. Somebody needs to be held accountable. I want to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family. I can't even imaging your daily pain. Thank you again.

Jessica - Weedsport, New York


To start I can't imagine what you guys have gone through losing your child. My son is one month younger than Nicholas. I've told my son about him and how he helped me know I was making the right decision not to vaccinate. 

When I was pregnant, I didn't know much of ingredients of vaccines. I do remember getting super sick after the tdap-in 2010. I developed an allergy to latex and triggered an autoimmune disease. The urgent Care just gave me one after I cut my finger.. and never put two and two together until I read your story.  

Anyways, at first I wasn't going to do vaccines til he was 1 years old and I wasn't going to do them all, nor do the MMR til he was 6. But then, my mom told me be sure not to do any vaccines while pregnant and don't do the hep b or vitamin k when he is born. This got me thinking... At the time I was still just going to delay.

In May or June 2016, I came across your story about Nicholas passing in his sleep. Oh my gosh how do healthy children just pass away.. I did more digging. And saw more posts, more stories. Realizing vaccine injuries/death are not rare. They are super common. When I saw that the dtap killed your son. I said no way, no how. Your son is saving so many children by opening our eyes to the dangers and corruption of big pharma. I read ingredients, didn't believe other human/animal DNA should be in there. The increase in gender confusion in young children, the list goes on... 
My son's dad still believes in vaccinations. And my mom is now back to believing that vaccines are good, telling me I am endangering my child's life.
As long as I am on this Earth my son and future children will not be vaccinated and I'd like to thank you for sharing your hurt and your loss with us. I don't want that to happen to my child. I do my best to share the dangers of vaccines with my friends, but they don't listen because their doctors know best. 🤦

Thank you,

Alex  age 4 completely vaccine free thanks to your son Nicholas. 

I am a mother of 6 daughters. They are 23, 20, 14, 13 and a set of 3 year old twins. Before I had my twins,  all of my children were vaccinated. I never knew to ask questions. The time between my 13 year old and my twins,  a lot had changed. I got a divorce and remarried. Found God. Found my faith.  Found my purpose. 

My twins were conceived via IVF. I have to start at the beginning of my pregnancy. 3 days after egg retrieval, we received a call from the doctor.  He told us that 2 embryos had fertilized, but only 1 of them made it to 10 cells.  The other one had only grown to 6.  He didn't think the second embryo was going to survive to implantation day which should have been day 5. I decided to implant that day,  to give both of my embryos the best chance for survival. Ya,  they both took! At 12 weeks pregnant, both of my water bags broke. Both my OBGYN and High Risk Doctor encouraged me to terminate my pregnancy. They listed all of the possible birth defects and that was even IF I had made it that far. I declined. I had Hope.  I had Faith. I prayed so hard.  I went on bed rest.  I drank 2 gallons of water a day.  I slept angle,  so my legs were higher than my heart. I made it to 18 weeks. Both of my water bags had healed. Yay! So at 20 weeks,  my High Risk Doctor did the anatomy scan. Twin B looked great. Twin A had an umbilical cord that wasn't working. The doctor said she will become toxic. If I was able to make it to 23 weeks, I will have to deliver with one twin alive and one deceased. My heart broke,  and I cried the hardest cry in my life. Then I remembered that with my Hope and Faith in God,  I had made it this far. I prayed. I got to 23.5 weeks and did another ultrasound. To the doctor's surprise,  both babies were still alive. I guess that's when she decided to just keep the guessing of bad news to herself. I finally delivered at 36 weeks. 2 little girls. We named them Everly Hope Laury and Kimberlyn Faith Laury. We vaccinated at birth. 
We vaccinated at their 2 month check up. 
Kimberlyn was born with a hole in her heart. The Pediatric Cardiologist did an echocardiogram when she born and again when she was 3 months old. The hole still hadn't closed. He said to come back in one year. In the meantime, he said, take it easy on her. We delayed their vaccinations until the hole closed.  Fast forward to Nov of 2017, they were now 15 months old,  12 months after Kimmys last cardiologist appointment. It closed by itself. Life was great.  Kids were growing. I decided it was time to get my twins up to date. So I looked into 'delayed vaccine schedule'. I saw a bunch of info on the subject but what made me pause and dig deeper was coming across your beautiful sons story. 
You see,  even after reading a few of the ingredients, formaldehyde is the first one I can remember, I started looking into homeopathic vaccines.  The cost of them kept them out of reach.  A few more articles in,  and I came across Nicholas' story on FB. It broke my heart but it was the start of reading more than just the surface info. That lead me into questioning why people kept mentioning religious exemptions when talking about vaccines. Then I found out about the aborted babies used to produce vaccines.  That was the end of my delayed schedule search.  I hope you can understand from the very beginning of my email,  I believe in life.  Life starts at conception. Nicholas was the reason I started to dig deeper,  murdered babies is why I stopped. 
I also want to add,  that during the time I started my research, one of my twins started to regress. She now has autism.  The other twin developed HSP.  I didn't know anything about adverse reactions when we decided to stop. I believe it was divine intervention that started with Kimmy's hole in her heart. 
Thank you for sharing your story.  And thank you for reading mine. Your family is always in my prayers. 

Love you for your strength,