Pediatrician Incentive Program

Why are parents getting bullied at doctors offices and told they can no longer be cared for if they don't vaccinate? Incentive Bonuses!! For every 100 fully vaccinated it's $40,000 dollar bonus. 200 kids that $80,000 dollars. If 63% of a doctors members are not vaccinated they lose their bonus. Why are adverse reactions rarely reported? Because once a member is reported than member now affects the total number, that 63%.

Horizon Blue Cross Childhood Immunization Incentive Program for Pediactrians

For every fully vaccinated child a pediatrician will receive $400. If they fully vaccinate 100 children that's a $40,000 bonus at the end of the year.

Questions to ask your pediatricians... 
1. Ask your doctor to see the ACTUAL package insert that comes with the vaccine , not some pamphlet they typed up. 
2. Ask your doctor what the REAL adverse reactions are, which they probably won't tell you because you'll run out of the office.
3. The last thing is ask them if they know exactly what ingredients are in the shot. Scary thing is most pediatricians do not know.

* If a chef can name every ingredient that is in each one of his/her meals they prepare, how is it that a pediatrician will not know what is in the vaccine they are injecting into hundreds of kids. We trust these doctors with our children's lives how do they not know. We research strollers, car seats all those things but we don't research what is being injected into our kids because we trust our doctors. The system and our pediatrician failed us.


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Product lines

BCN Commercial






The percentage of children 2 years of age who meet the combination 10 criteria on or before their second birthday:

  • (4) DT aP* vaccinations

  • (3) IPV* vaccinations

  • (1) MMR vaccination

  • (1) VZV vaccination

  • (3) HiB* vaccinations

  • (3) Hepatitis B vaccinations

  • (4) PCV* vaccinations

  • (1) HepA vaccination

  • (2 or 3) RV* vaccinations

  • (2) Influenza** vaccinations
    *Vaccinations administered prior to 42 days after birth are not counted as a numerator hit. **Vaccinations administered prior to 180 days after birth are not counted as a numerator hit.

Continuous enrollment

Must be continuously enrolled 12 months prior to child’s second birthday

Age criteria

Children who turn 2 years of age during 2016

Exclusionary criteria

Children who are documented with an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine or its components


The number of children who completed vaccinations as defined above


The eligible population

Level of measure

Provider level

Target: COMM


Payout: COMM

$400 per Combo 10 completed for each eligible member